CMC Update

  • Log in to CMC and head to Chassis Overview
  • Click Update tab
  • Update the interfaces one at a time
  • Check CMC Firmware components to update and click apply CMC update
  • Choose file (after extracting from .exe file) and click Begin Firmware Update
  • Once the update is complete, you will be logged out of the CMC page

 Chassis Infrastructure update

  • Shut down VMs and put VMware nodes into maintenance mode in VCenter
  • Navigate to Server Overview > Power tab and turn off both of your nodes (servers.) This will take a few minutes
  • Navigate to Chassis Overview > Update
  • Check Update Target and click Apply Chassis Infrastructure Firmware (Main Board)
  • Choose file and click Begin Firmware Update
  • Takes about 7 minutes for install and reboot

Updating BIOS

Updating iDRAC


Updating via Boot ISO

  • (Change M620 to your server version if different)
  • Download linuxiso.iso
  • Open iDRAC Java window
  • Attach Virtual Media, use the ISO you downloaded
  • Select Next Boot and choose Virtual CD/DVD/ISO
  • Reboot your server
  • Server will boot into ISO and automatically install applicable updates
  • ISO will prompt for reboot once finished. Takes roughly an hour
  • DO NOT Proceed further until ISO Update has been completed

Updating Storage

Switch – IOM

  • Upload .rfb and .ros files to your TFTP server. I used TFTPD32 on my PC
  • Telnet in to your switch. You can find the IP in the CMC under I/O Moudle Overview > Gigabit Ethernet. Password is not the one you use for CMC. It should have been created at setup. You can add users by clicking the Launch I/O Module GUI button on the right