The PowerEdge VRTX chassis allows you to leverage the use of shared storage between multiple blades within the chassis. This document will highlight the steps required to configure shared storage for use in ESXi.

  1. Create a virtual disk in the VRTX CMC
    1. Login to the VRTX CMC
    2. Click on the + next to Storage
    3. Click on Virtual Disks underneath Storage
    4. Click on Create under Virtual Disks up at the top
    5. Name your virtual disk, choose RAID level, capacity, and disks
    6. Click on the Create Virtual Disk button when finished
  2. Assign the virtual disk to the blade(s) in the VRTX chassis
  3. Click on Assign under Virtual Disks up at the top
  4. For the virtual disk that was just created, choose Full Access for each blade you want to have access to it
  5. Click the apply button when finished
  6. Connect to vCenter Server or a host using the vSphere Client
  7. Click on the host on the left
  8. Click on the Configure tab
  9. Click on Storage Adapters under Storage on the left
  10. Click on Rescan All (3rd icon small grey icon with a green line) in the upper right hand corner (If the Shared PERC does not show up, you may need to reboot your ESXi host)
  11. Click on Datastores under Storage on the left
  12. Click on Create a new Datastore (small grey stack icon with a plus sign)
  13. Choose VMFS > Next
  14. Name your Datastore (VMStorage or whatever)
  15. Ensure Disk/LUN radio button is selected and click on the Next button
  16. Select VMFS-6 (unless you have host that are running ESXi 6.0 or earlier)
  17. Select Use all available partitions > Next
  18. Review selections and click Finish
  19. Input datastore name and click on the Next button
  20. Ensure the Maximum Space Available radial is selected and click on the Next button
  21. Review selections and then click on the Finish button