• Connect to the switch via CLI
  • console>enable
  • console#config
  • console(config)#enable password MYPASSWORD (if you want to add an 'enable' password)

To enable SSH, enter the following commands:

  • console(config)#crypto key generate rsa
  • console(config)#crypto key generate dsa
  • console(config)#ip ssh server

If you are having issues with specific commands, ensure you are running the latest firmware version. 

Before disabling either telnet or HTTP access, verify SSH or HTTPS access.

To disable telnet, run:

  • console(config)# ip telnet server disable

To enable HTTPS, enter the following commands""

  • console(config)# crypto certificate 1 generate
  • console(config-crypto-cert)#key-generate <512-2048>
  • console(config-crypto-cert)#exit
  • console(config)# ip http secure-certificate <1 - 2> Instance of the certificate to be activated.
  • console(config)# ip http secure-server

This system is capable of the generation and storage of 2 certificates.To generate the second key, replace the number 1 with 2.To activate the second key, use (config)# ip http secure-certificate 2.

To disable HTTP, enter:

  • console(config)# no ip http server

After verifying connectivity via SSH or HTTPS, save the configuration by entering:

  • console#copy running-config startup-config